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Helios Exchange is a ve(3,3) permissionless liquidity market, community-oriented on Arbitrum.

Novel ve(3,3) Tokenomics

Novel ve(3,3) Tokenomics

A sustainable token economy model inspired by the voting-escrow techniques of Curve and the anti-dilution mechanism of Olympus. This cutting-edge model features an exponential decay system, incentivizing fee generation and rewarding long-term supporters to ensure long-term sustainability.

Holders of the ve(3,3) token have complete control over Helios Exchange's emissions allocated to gauges and can benefit from weekly rebases that reduce dilution from emissions over time. This approach aligns stakeholders' interests and creates a fair and equitable system for all participants.

A Community-Owned Protocol

Helios Exchange is a community-owned protocol that aims to create a fair and decentralized trading ecosystem. Unlike traditional fundraising methods, Helios Exchange has a novel approach that targets regular users of core protocols on the Arbitrum and supports protocols that intend to leverage Helios to build their liquidity.

The community-driven approach of Helios Exchange incentivizes best practices from stakeholders and encourages the growth of a vibrant and diverse community without the need for VCs or seed rounds.

A Community-Owned Protocol
Low Fee Hybrid VAMM/ SAMM

Low Fee Hybrid vAMM/ sAMM

Helios Exchange offers a low fee hybrid vAMM/sAMM model with fees starting from as low as 0.01% for stable pools and 0.2% for variable pools.

The model ensures minimal slippage and trades are executed through the cheapest route based on available liquidity in the pools. Traders can enjoy low fee swaps and negligible slippage on closely correlated assets, making it an ideal choice for cost-effective trading.

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